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“You’re not gonna make the world any better by shouting at it!”

 #this is what I love about Donna #she was supposed to be a one-off companion in a Christmas special #she was supposed to be annoying and loud and bossy #(Not many of us found her annoying) #instead #she imbued the qualities that so many ordinary people like us imbue #she wasn’t kick ass with a gun#she didn’t have technical knowledge or medical knowledge #but she wasn’t some young doe-eyed thing either #Donna Noble demanded respect #she did not expect it #SHE DEMANDED IT #furthermore she demanded it on behalf of everyone else#no one could piss on someone else while Donna Noble was around #she only had her voice #and sometimes it felt like it wasn’t enough #but that never stopped her#because if her voice was the only weapon she had #she would use it to change the world #or die trying #THAT is the spirit of hero #THAT is what makes an ordinary person extraordinary #they refuse to let others define their strengths and weaknesses #they refuse to give up #DONNA NOBLE #she was important LONG before she became the most important woman in all the universe (via irony-rocks)

And this is why the Doctor finds her so brilliant. Because he wouldbe best friends with someone whose voice is their weapon.  After all, isn’t that his weapon of choice? 

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